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Rated 4 / 5 stars

A great platformer with a great art style and original concepts.
The art style is limited in palette, and is a wonderful reminder that a simple palette isn't a bad thing, and can function visually quite well! Everything stood out in a very stylistic way that I could appreciate- and the complexity of the things like the goddess were just beautiful!
The core concepts within the game, however, are in desperate need of polishing. Moving crates appears to have a lot of built-in friction, which strongly contrasts the clean animations of everything else, such as how free-form the character falls into pieces upon dying (loved that, by the way). Jumping appears to feel a little inaccurate, or maybe I'm just being too critical of this linear platformer. A good improvement on jumping would be similar to how the original Mega-Man games manage changing velocity, or even the new Mario games.
I mention this because you distinctly say this is a 1.2 version- meaning you're still working on it, which is great! I think with these improvements you can have a really great game on your hands!
Awesome job! Looking forward to seeing what else you add to this :)

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gamesbynoe responds:

Thank you for your review!

Max & Mink Max & Mink

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love how this game is puzzle and art-centric. It really does look beautiful, with a twinge of uncomfortable fantasy in regards to Mink. I feel like this adds to the game, however, as the forest is supposed to be dying and we're trying to save the king. It isn't a happy kingdom, and there are uncomfortable creatures like Mink within the fantasy realm. That being said, I don't feel the sound design was very accurate. Not many actions have a sound affect attached, and the sound for the game is a big consideration and should have more value put into it.
Take the level-select, for example. There is no audio for selecting a level, which just adds the slightest bit of immersion. While I think the song you chose is fine, it's a little repetitive in this context. If you changed this and updated it, however, it really would be a perfect game! You have a great concept on your hands, make it the best it can be! Again, it's very beautiful and the puzzles are fun to solve.
Awesome job!

Zak Zak

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You have a wonderful game with slick controls. Everything is clean and laid out cinematically (the title cards, dynamic lighting, etc.), despite its historically "simple" art style. The art style evolves on the fact that it is a platformer, but introducing new concepts that aren't meant to distract the player with fancy graphics. It can be appreciated and played with this style.
That being said, it still has complicated aspects that take away from the game, and it can really be improved if you simplified it. There doesn't need to be so many ways to control the game, and that complexity takes away from the audience's immersion. While they could be playing with the controls you've laid out, with multiple options they begin considering what would be the most comfortable for them instead of appreciating the game. You do this also on the title screen, with the option to play the game without the music. The music is great! It should be the player's choice to seek out how to mute it, since it's an optional removal from immersion. Presenting it on the title screen, however, appears as a display of low-confidence within the music, despite only having great intentions.
You have a fantastic, fun game that looks great! I'm going to play it later and show it to other people, though I believe with my criticism you can only improve it and not hurt it. Hopefully this project evolves into something better, as I'm excited to see more from you!

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Booty Raider Booty Raider

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic illustration. Your firm grasp of anatomy, texture, and form really seal the deal on this one. I'll check out your friend on twitch, too!

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XavierStarr responds:

Oh wow, you're too kind. Thanks so much.

Forest of echoes Forest of echoes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Every single element serves to build on top of the fantasy world you've created. Everything from the graphic style, the contrast of your beautiful palette, to the brilliant textures, all add nothing short of pure value to this wonderful display of world building. Do you have any other works that depict the same fantasy world? I would love to see some more of this!
Fantastic job!!

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themefinland responds:

Thank you! The image depicted here is actually a part of a dream a character is having. If you look at some other drawings I have done, many of the abstract pieces are dreams of this same character. So technically this scene you see here doesn't physically exist in that world. Majority of my personal art depict the world this character exists in, the drawings usually just show a small snippet or scene that has happened in that world though and don't necessarily focus on anything specific other than the things that inhabit the world.

Ded Ded

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Love the line work quality and detail of the character. While the character's style and detail is fantastic and graphic, the background is the weaker part of the image. You are definitely capable of very impressive and awesome art, and if you put a little more into the background, it'll definitely be an awesome and stylistic sight! Enjoyed the concept of depth by making the background blurred out. Depth being added to a graphic style like this is rarely seen, and it's a cool, rare concept.
Great work!

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PiffPaffPoff responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm still getting to grips with drawing landscapes in general, mostly just the perspective. I'm currently being forced to draw them for my GCSE's so I'll try making a new piece soon.