REALtoucan, no impostor avians allowed.

2017-03-31 17:45:33 by REALtoucan

dear colonel william anthony shermington, also known as dad,


i am an aspiring ice cream cone. my gender pronouns are idiot, and if you refer to me as anything else i will call george lopez himself to creampie you.

19 year old film/tv art dipshit at SCAD atlanta who finds appreciation in things, stuff, and activities

under this sentence are some properties of mine that are being progressed or are in the factory

-personal "youtube™" Chanel™ for™ "my" videos. they're actually all stolen from my neighbor

-video essay youtube™ Chanel™ perfume™ i will be growing with the compadres aforementioned, link landing later (hopefully itll land later, i still need to locate the seeds)

-average level professional animator, but that really only means ive gotten paid to do something (which is really easy if you lie about your skill). it doesnt mean im extremely talented. im actually really mentally slow. my brain runs at 12mph, or "twelve milimeters per hour" for the smarty pantses who are too fucking dumb to know what 12mph is.

im growing to become a tall and strong REALfilmeditor, but my storytelling needs magnification and work. i cannot yet reach the high monkeybars of brilliant storytelling. i need creative high-heels. tactically, toucans arent birds.

i want to finally talk to cool sexy babes from my daycare here, but i cant figure out their interests based on their bio. what the hell does "proverbs 3:6" mean? is that some type of score? who are the proverbs winning against? please help me figure this out so i can slide into the hot vaginas of men on the instabookchat. maybe proverbs are a sports team and they've won 3 games and lost 6. i wonder why people are supporting this team if they dont perform that swell...

i guess all the praying he's doing in those churches he posts about isn't really helping haha right guys?

i plead and pout to be mega talented and i want to sharpen my creative dagger here, so feel free to write a strongly-worded letter to me to get to know me, and we can trade yugioh cards for food at our local eateries


your responsibility,

a mindless, homeless man.

p.s. go proverbs! rooting for you guys out there :)

p.p.s all jokes are original